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Advanced Plugins for Elementor and Gutenberg – Crocoblock

Elementor PRO is still short? I know you need more widgets and dynamicity in your website. Check out this article and the magic of Crocoblock plugins.

If you have already bought Elementor PRO and still short of widgets then you need a full fledged package of widgets that works with Elementor and even Gutenberg. Crocoblock has all that you are looking for as a web designer or even you are building a website for your own business.

I recommend that you buy yearly plan with unlimited projects if you are a web designer/developer. You can also look for the single project packages.

What do you get in full package:

  1. JET ENGINEIf you are looking for dynamic website structure then you must get this plugin. If you have purchased a bundle, then you already have it in your account panel and you can download it separately or use crocoblock wizard which can be used to download all or selective plugins on the go and you won’t have to download all the plugins one by one.
  2. JET ELEMENTSJet Elements plugin provides 45+ widgets that greatly extend the functionality and design of Elementor page builder. You can make exclusive designs of countdown timer, testimonials, team members, pricing table, price list, sliders, and much more by using this plugin.
  3. JET WOOBUILDERJet WooBuilder provides 65+ widgets for your amazing shop/e-commerce website. You can develop a best-selling WooCommerce store from the ground up. Cherry-pick the widgets, do the fitting, arrange the elements and you’ll achieve a unique Elementor WooCommerce shop page layout. 

Other than these main 3 plugins, you get the following:

  1. Jet SmartFilters 
  2. Jet Booking
  3. Jet Appointments
  4. Jet Reviews
  5. Jet GridBuilder
  6. Jet Popup
  7. Jet ProductGallery
  8. Jet StyleManager
  9. Jet Blocks
  10. Jet Tabs
  11. Jet Blogs
  12. Jet Tricks
  13. Jet CompareWishlist
  14. Jet Search
  15. Jet Menu
  16. Jet ThemeCore
  17. Jet FormBuilder

Below are all the widgets that come with Jet Plugins:




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